We provide coverage for what’s important to you!

CB Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency providing clients with outstanding levels of customer relations to meet their every need. Our experienced insurance agents will work with you in all ranges of insurance whether it’s home, health, life or auto, to insure we find the perfect policy at the perfect price.


Coverage tailored to your personal needs

Automotive insurance is the protection of your vehicle and a safeguard for you. Liability insurance is required by all states, covering damages to others’ cars, properties, and persons. The more complete insurance coverage policies will cover your vehicle, others parties involved as well as give you benefits such as free car rentals. The more extensive auto insurance policies offered are comprehensive and collision insurance.

Here at CB Insurance Group, we offer all variations of insurance and will work with any individual to create the right package and policy to fit your personalized needs.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage:

Liability Insurance Comprehensive Insurance Collision Insurance Uninsured Motorist Insurance

At CB Insurance Group we strive to offer insurance services that meet your coverage needs. As a full-service insurance company we are able to provide quality insurance coverage for the following vehicles:

Personal Commercial Business Golf Cart Motorcycle RV Boat ATV

As a top-rated and respected insurance agency, we have the luxury of working with over 30 of the top insurance carries to insure we find you with the absolute best price for the policy you choose.


Protect yourself from the unexpected

Homeowners insurance is a policy of insurance that provides protection against disasters and/or resulting law suits from injuries sustained by others for a covered event.

What is covered?

The Structure of your home Other Structures such as a garage, fencing, or shed Personal Property, clothing, electronics Liability of individuals bodily injuring, occurring on your property

Home insurance provides a sense of financial security with your home. Let the professionals at CB Insurance Group help you choose the appropriate policy based on your personal needs.

Insurance Policies Offered

Valuable Items Homeowners Rental Property Antiques Jewelry Collectors Items Umbrella Liability Flood


The protection of your safety and well-being is priceless

Health insurance is a way of protecting yourself and your family’s financial well-being against an event that may require large amounts of money to be paid for health related care such as a trip to the emergency room. The average cost of an emergency care visit at a hospital is $1539. For those who have health insurance, this expense would be covered or reduced. Health insurance is not only beneficial in the event of major health incidents but can be a tool for a family to maintain good health.

Typical Health Insurance Policies Cover

General medical expenses Medication Family physicals/check-ups Surgery expenses Emergency care costs Hospitalization

Health insurance is much like other forms of insurance in the way it provides a sense of financial security to you and it also protects your family in the event of an emergency. If you are not protecting yourself and your family yet, you are not alone. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are currently 46 million uninsured Americans.

To find out more about health insurance or receive a free estimate contact one of our certified insurance agents.


Providing a level of comfort for your loved ones

Life insurance is designed to protect your family and loved ones who may depend on you for financial support. If you pass away and lose your income, the people that are dependent on your support will lose that income. Life insurance can help cover some or all of the losses, depending on the policy you choose.

There are instances where life insurance can be beneficial even if you have no dependents, such as your desire to cover your own funeral expenses.

Here are some things to think about, to help you decide if life insurance is the right choice for you:

Determine what financial obligations you will have when you die. Decide whether you want to provide a college education for your children. Realize that in two-income families, each partner should be insured. Buy mortgage term insurance, which can pay off your mortgage Buy short-term life insurance, which can be used to pay off auto loans. Make sure all business obligations are protected Realize that your final expenses can be covered by life insurance. Consider whether your survivors will be obligated to pay estate taxes. Understand that many financial planners suggest transferring part of an estate through life insurance.

For a more complete understanding of the benefits of life insurance please contact our professions at CB Insurance Group.


20-44 or 4-40 Personal Lines Agents Needed. UNLIMITED LEADS- NOT LISTS

Imagine getting an unlimited number of real-time Insurance leads to work daily. CB Insurance Group has partnered with one of the largest insurance lead providers in the country to start the strongest new agency in Florida.

CB Insurance Group is looking for licensed 20-44 or 4-40 Personal Lines Agents to start immediately. All tools will be provided, including state of the art auto dialers, CRM tools, and quoting software.

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Call Center Representatives

Busy Customer Service call center in West Palm Beach is in need of quality individuals to make confirmation calls to clients that have requested information on insurance quotes to verify that they are still actively seeking insurance. No Insurance background is necessary, and there is no selling of any products.

Candidates must be professional, computer literate, and must be able to speak well on the phone.

Hours are flexible and the ability to accommodate days, nights, and weekends are available to right candidates.

Pay rate is $8 an hour, with bonuses, promotions, and raises to those who excel.

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